Uses Of Wooden Crates

Uses of wooden crates

Wooden crates are one of the most artsy and chic item you can have at home. Whether it is an old fruit wooden crates in sydney lying around at home or it’s a wine crate, you could do a lot with these. You could keep it for storage or you could do a DIY and then use it for any other purpose.

I consider myself lucky that I have a relative who passes down all the wooden crates she gets from either shopping or anywhere else, she passes it down to me. However, if you do not have a relative who would do this for you, you could check out Reclaim Timber. At Reclaim Timber, we cater to all of your needs for crates and palettes. Whether they are wooden crates or timber pallets, you could get your stock from us. Below are a hacks you could do to revamp the wooden crates and incorporate them in your life:

  1. You could make a DIY bookshelf out of these wooden crates. All you need to do is get a couple of these, try to fix them together in a way it becomes a book case and voila! You could have a little bookshelf by the side of your bed or any other place you want it to be situated.
  2. You could also create a nightstand out of wooden crate. Flip it over, add more shelving to it and there you have a new and enhanced nightstand where you can place anything you need to by your side before you go have your beauty sleep.
  3. You could also take a couple of wooden crates and stack them on top of each other and you get your own personalised shoe rack. It would also add to the vintage theme of your house if you are opting for one and if you aren’t, you should definitely do it.
  4. If you are tired of organising and trying to de-clutter and adjust all of your skin care products- night and day time routines, your shampoos, conditioner, hair masques, razors and everything on your sink, then you really need to leave your sink alone. Your old wooden crates can come at your rescue. All you need to is to get your hands on a few paints and colour them with acrylics as per your choice to match the theme of your bathroom. You can also add a few shelf brackets to the crates to create more vast storage area.
  5. If you live in a cute, small apartment but don’t have enough storage space due to lack of space for huge closets and lockers, you could pick a few wooden crates and stack them over one over the other and there you would have enough storage space as per your liking.

If you’re in an urgent need of wooden crates, call us today and Reclaim timber would provide you with the crates on urgent basis as per your liking and in the most economical rates.

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