The Asian Essence

Korean Mart was started when we decided to give Korean products exposure in new lands. We have all the items, like crockery, foods, cosmetics and new decorative pieces from Korea and due to the popularity, we expanded our stores just from Korea to other Asian countries as well.

Asians are not falling behind when it comes to cuisine and cosmetics. Today, Korean cosmetic is leading the beauty world. There are reasons why girls and beauty industry are going crazy about them.

Korean Beauty Products: 

Koreans are at the top of the world when it comes to looking much younger than their real ages. Their beauty products are not just miraculous in the results but, they are gentle on the skin as well. This is what girls and women look for in a beauty product, minimum damage and maximum results. So, If you are living in Australia and want to have Korean cosmetic in your hands, Korea Town is here to save your day. Either you can visit our store, or you can buy Korean cosmetics online from our online services. We have a wide range of Korean cosmetic available. 

Food is an essential part of our daily life. Once we stop eating, we will sure cause ourselves damage. Some people eat to live, and people live to eat. Whatever the category you are in but, if you are from the lovers of Asian food, then we Korea Town have them all. We just not have the Korean cosmetic and items; we have the Japanese and Chinese as well. You can visit and check yourself the Chinese and the Japanese stores in Melbourne in our mart mall. 

Japanese Shop:

We are aware of the fact that Japanese foods and items are quite famous around the world. People visit Japan once and they become a fan of the food and other eateries. They try to find the most authentic food in their countries as well. So, If you are an Australian who visited Japan and is craving for the Japanese food or if you are a Japanese living in Japan and you miss you countries food then Korean Town is the place to visit my friend. With all the authentic foods and items, we are allowing people to fulfil the cravings you have. We have noodles, sauces and frozen foods of Japan. So, come to us and have it all. 

Chinese Section: 

How can we miss Chinese food? Yes, we do keep all the real Chinese food. We have all the sauces and items that are used in Chinese cuisine. If you are wondering that they are authentic or not, yes, they are. we get all our supplies directly from the countries we are talking about. So, no need to worry.

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