Every relationship has ups and downs in it, if you are new in a relationship or years have passed by. The healthy relationship takes the effort of both the parties, it is not one way relationship rather both the parties have to put in their time and effort and that is what brings the spark back in your relationship. You might need to perform different techniques to help build a healthier relationship but what is more important is consistency and patience. That is what will help you get through the rough times and your relationship will itself get back on its track.

The very first and foremost is the communication between both the partners, one should not keep things to herself or himself. You need to communicate your likes or dislikes to each other, be it anything in the world. But there needs to be communication that is discuss everything with each other be it about office, friends or family. This ensures that you are comfortable talking to each other openly and honestly, these healthy discussions will help you get to know each other more and everything will be known to each other

Moreover, you need to be emotionally attached to each other so do not be afraid of disagreements between each other and share whatever is bugging you with your partners. Try to understand each other and their needs, as although at the start of the relationship you are able to give time to your partner more and are able talk on a regular basis with each other however, when passes by the load of work, family and other things starts to pile up. But the best decision one can make is to manage their time and create a balance between all these things. This will ensure that both the partners are happy and are able to connect.

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