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Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience that comes with its own set of challenges and joys. It is a time filled with many important decisions, from choosing a name for your child to deciding on the best ways to care for them. We represent as best baby photo-shoot Melbourne studio, the Kate Lee Photography, are here to keep your precious moments alive for a lifetime. We can travel very quickly, and we can also give them access to reasonably priced newborn photography that perfectly captures your baby’s first day in the world. Although you can schedule one of our newborn photo sessions at any time during the initial two months, we advise that you do so as soon as you post a birth announcement on social media.

Even if you have always wanted pregnancy photography in Melbourne, you can reserve a spot within the first two weeks because this is typically when your baby is most rested and prepared to capture those serene, beautiful images. As a fully protected and highly regarded enlisted company. In addition to giving you what you really want, Kate Lee Photography knows what it takes to provide attractive, secure, and more thoughtfully captured newborn photography from beginning to end and of the other siblings.

Who we are?

Nearby suburbs like Berwick are easily reachable from Kate Lee Photography’s location in the lovely residential area of Beaconsfield, just a few minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. One of the top ten newborn photographers in Victoria and all of Melbourne was also Kate Lee Photography.

If you reside in or are visiting the southeast parts of Melbourne and are going from Beaconsfield to Berwick, Kate Lee Photography Studio is the best place to have your baby or pregnancy photography Melbourne. With more than seven years of experience photographing newborns, Kate Lee Photography has a recently discovered home shoot location that makes the process simple. I am skilled in handling or moving newborn babies with extreme care and am fully insured and registered. I’ve completed all the required training. Due to the fact that I don’t travel to homes when you want to document your baby’s earliest moments, all new sessions in my local area are currently booked up.

Given that they are still cuddly, sleeping, and adorable, newborns under two weeks old make the best subjects for photography at Kate Lee. It becomes more challenging to induce the charming newborn constitutes when they are older than two weeks old because they become even more agitated. Some of the infants may simultaneously experience discomfort and the baby skin disorder when they are three to four weeks old.

Please make sure that the items you are bringing for baby photo shoot Melbourne are the most significant ones and fit in a limited area. In the event that you don’t have a lot of clothing to bring, you can still feel comfortable using one of my many pregnancy dresses or other outfits that are open and available for you to wear throughout your meeting.

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